2018: The Year the Was (TYTW) at the Henry Miller Library!

The end of the year is upon us and we can’t help but feel a bit, well, reflective.

For example, we often refer to the Henry Miller Library is a “community gathering space.”

It’s not unlike what the Italians call the “third place*”—that is, the Library isn’t work and it isn’t home; rather, it’s a third place where (hopefully!) you feel comfortable, relaxed, and refreshingly stimulated.**

But we think it’s even more than that!***

To see what we mean, we’ve included a sample of some of our events across 2018 below.

And while the events run the gamut, we think some common themes tie them all together—community engagement, a commitment to intelligent and responsible land use, cultural and natural history, and a proclivity towards local and up-and-coming musicians, performers, and artists. 

We think it’s pretty cool. 

If you agree, and better yet, would like to provide financial support to the Library, we’d humbly encourage you to check out various ways you can donate to the nonprofit Henry Miller Library. 

Every little bit helps!

And with that, let’s take a leisurely stroll down memory lane and explore TYTW!!

Community Events

  • “Lovers of the Place” with New Camaldoli Hermitage Prior Cyprian Consiglio and writer Pico Iyer
  • May’s staging of “The Fire in the Wood” about Big Sur sculptor Edmund Cara
  • Benefit for the Big Sur Park School
  • BiG SuRCuS’ Limelight Cabaret performances
  • Big Sur farmer’s exchange!
  • Milky Way Fridays
  • Big Sur Food and Wine Festival’s “Wine and Swine”
  • Wandering Reel Travelling Film Festival
  • Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series
  • Erotic Eclectic Presents: Eye Imagine
  • Saint Lucia’s Festival of Light with Michelle, Rosalia, Magnus, Jessica, etc…
  • The Typewriter Underground
  • Costanoan Rumsen Carmel Tribe gathering

Live Music

  • Victoria Williams, Wildlife Freeway, and Erin Durant
  • Suzanne Vallie, Zeb Zaitz, and Assateague
  • Deva Munay Rachael Williams, and LEV
  • Au Natural’s first-ever Big Sur show in December!
  • Range of Light Wilderness and SIS
  • Kendra McKinley and Diana Gameros
  • Pat Hull and Kelly Koval
  • Mozart’s “Cosi Fan Tutte” Under the Redwoods (!)
  • Levi Thomas, Jay and the Jang Lah Dahs, Byndi, and the Lavendars
  • Bedrooms, Alex Ramirez, and River Navaille
  • Red Steppes
  • Meernaa and Suzanne Vallie

Talks and Readings

  • Shelly Alden Brooks’ talk on her book “Big Sur: The Making of a Prized Landscape” (and our reading group devoted to this book)
  • Alan Watts’ daughter Anne spoke at the Library in June
  • August’s storytelling gathering regarding the road closure
  • Adonna Rose’s discussion on off-planet intelligence.
  • Linda Sonrisa Jones reading from “Romancing the Sur”
  • Obi Kaufman (“California Field Atlas”) book signing and talk
  • “What is Nature?” talk with Charles Hood
  • Talk and book signing with Dean Sluyter, author of “Fear Less”
  • “California’s Coast: Living on the Edge” book signing with Kim Steinhardt

The Intangibles!

  • Great book recommendations
  • Elizabeth curring Noel’s hair
  • Jack and/or Alice!
  • Guitar(s) to strum
  • The fabled persimmon tree
  • No cell service!
  • A place to decompress, disconnect, and discover….

*This concept of the “third place” inspired Howard Schultz to create Starbucks.****

** The idea being that “stimulation” can, naturally, take many forms.

***Not that we feel we’re in any position to one-up the Italians!

****This may be the only time anyone has ever compared the Henry Miller Library to Starbucks

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