Words of Encouragement from Henry

Conceptual artist and author Keri Smith writes…

Every once in a while I look up at the bulletin board that hangs above my work desk and smile. On it there is this photo of Henry Miller. A little trick I learned from my friend Kristan.

I thought I would pass this on because sometimes things that feel a little silly can really help you out when you least expect it. Instructions….

1. Find a photo of a person whom you really admire. It could be your parents, the Dali Lama, Buddha, Albert Einstein, or even yourself if you like.

2. On a piece of paper draw a thought bubble. Write an affirmation or some words of encouragement in the bubble.

3. Cut out the bubble and glue or tape it to the photo. Hang it in a prominent place. Feel good knowing that you are supported no matter what happens.

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