Blair Does Henry Miller!

What did Henry Miller mean by his writing? What did he try to convey?

Was he a misogynist? Was he anti-semitic?

Was he a “psychedelic romantic?” (And if so, what does that mean?)

Scholars have been grappling with these questions since “Tropic of Cancer” first came off the presses and subsequently inspired, titillated, and offended legions of artists, bohemians, and scolds (respectively).

Now it’s Doniphan Blair’s turn. (Please read his response to a recent review in New Your Review of Books HERE!)

Join us on Saturday, April 13th at 7:30 pm as our old, dear friend attempts to disassemble the Matryoshka doll consisting of the various Henry Millers: writer, husband, cad, family fan, father, urbanite, and long-time Big Sur resident who according to some brought shame to the community and glory according to others.

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