IKEA…ABBA….Stockholm Syndrome…and Cinema!

The Scandinavian world is known for its multitude of wonders, including (but not limited to), the company that makes those amazingly affordable mattresses, the feeling you get when you start to kinda like your hostage-taker, free health care, and, most obviously, ABBA.
But we mustn’t forget the region’s impressive cinematic legacy. The HML certainly hasn’t, which is why, for the several upcoming Thursdays, we’ll be showing the “best of Scandinavian cinema.”
Which films, you ask? We won’t say. It’s a surprise. You’ll love them, we promise. Haven’t we earned your trust by this point?
So head over to our events page and RSVP for each upcoming screening.
Doors will be at 8 pm, the “World’s best popcorn” will be served by Noel, and movies will be shown under our world-famous redwood canopy!

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