Was Henry really that ripped?

Loyal Digest readers know that Henry would make the occasional cameo on the TV show “The Durrells.”

We came across this screenshot, below of Henry au naturale (played by Trevor White) in a 2018 episode and realized that what that person told us in college is true—ideas like sexuality are, indeed, fluid.

Or to put it another way: Dude is JACKED.

After we dunked our head in ice water and rational thought returned, we wondered: Is this an accurate representation of Henry’s physique?

Did they have Nordictrack rowing machines in late-40s Greece? 

I mean, we knew the Mediterranean diet helps one stay lean, good fats, yada yada, but this is ridiculous.

And so we asked our resident Miller expert—Executive Director Magnus Toren.

Here’s what he had to say: “Little less biceps, little less trapezius, a little less deltoid = we’re there!”

And when you look at this photo of a lean Henry in his fitted tee, the analysis makes sense!

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