Astrological portents explaining Henry’s ubiquity

In our June 2022 Henry Miller Library email Digest, we asked (rhetorically, we thought) why Henry’s name seemed to be popping up everywhere — on Jeopardy!, on the backseat t.v. on a plane, etc.

Perhaps there was some astrological reason?

Well, apparently there was.

Reader Paul Corning, who’s also the editor of Writer’s Foundry Review, sent us a detailed email explaining the astrological portents behind Henry’s ubiquity.  Here it is… (and thanks, Paul!)


Hey! Regarding the astrological portents behind Henry’s being everywhere: 

The north node of the moon is currently in Taurus, transiting where it was when Henry was born! In astrological terms, Henry is currently undergoing what is called a nodal return.

The nodes of the moon (north & south) are always opposite one another. Astrologers use them as an indicator of a life’s journey, with the north node being the direction a soul is moving toward (growth and the new) and the south node being where one has already been in previous lifetimes or in their childhood home environment/ the known.

Henry’s flight to Paris at the end of Tropic of Capricorn is gorgeously emblematic of the Taurus-Scorpio nodal axis life path: a leap of faith in the direction of desire, what feels good, from out of the more Scorpionic energy of co-dependency and stagnated hierarchy that Henry was experiencing in New York.

This move happened almost dead on the time of Henry’s second nodal return, a moment in life when leaving the known is most tumultuous, sudden, maybe even violent, but the spiritual gains are incalculable. 

The nodes return to the same place in the sky once every eighteen or nineteen years, and they are thusly reversed every nine or so years.

To me, the fact that we’re returning to Henry’s north node just means it’s a good time to look at the way Henry’s spirit handled choices that involved the known and the unknown. As we move forward, what shall we bring with us? What impels us forward? Fear, or something altogether different? Henry is the friend we all need when we are yearning to be our most fearless. Underneath the mess everything is marvelous, I’m sure of it.

There are probably more commonalities to Henry’s chart—I’m just a hack astrologer, there are certainly pros out there who could do a better deep dive on this. Though I’d like to think Henry would appreciate a little armchair dabbling. 

Love from Brooklyn,

Paul Corning

editor, WFR

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