Note from Magnus


Afternoon at the Library

Dear Library Visitor,

I am Magnus Torén, director of the Library, on a gorgeous fall day with some thoughts on the Library and the benefit on September 19.

It is remarkable that Dear Elizabeth is happening: What generosity from Elizabeth Marvel, Bill Camp and the Polonsky Shakespeare Center!

‘The Brooklyn Boy’ Henry Miller would have loved it were he alive.

How do I feel? Almost speechless!

Thanks to the generosity of the folks mentioned above we will have an extraordinary and intimate (just 270 seats!) evening together for a good cause.

Please join us!

The Henry Miller Library is an internationally renowned cultural institution. (The Beating Cultural Heart of Big Sur says CNN) that has brought internationally acclaimed artists, poets, writers and films to this edge of the continent.  Local community programs showcase Big Sur’s artists and performers, and support education in the arts and the local environment.  The Library has also created an impressive and substantial archival collection including many original manuscripts, photos and primary source material from as far back as the early twenties.

Laurie Anderson Stage

Set for Laurie Anderson

The Library celebrates Henry Miller’s literary legacy—we feel it’s important to honor one of the writers who helped to give us the license to read what we want!

It is a community center, a destination for people from all over the world, a place where internationally known artists love to perform. Thirty-six years going strong, the Library is a place that, more than ever, invites reflection, intimacy, and the idea of “tending towards silence.”

There’s an inherent uniqueness of the Library, a sleepy cabin at the edge of the continent…existing for the noncommercial purpose of celebrating the region’s natural and cultural heritage and one that also hides a profundity not immediately apparent to the casual visitor.


Flaming Lips at HMML

We love the Henry Miller Library and strongly believe it is something worth celebrating and supporting. The year 2017 was very difficult for us so building the Big Sur Brooklyn Bridge again is very timely.

Please help us make this event a success, bring your best friends!

Thank you.  /  Magnus


Like most romantic writer-types, I wish I could have lived through the ’30s in Paris, hanging out with Nin and Miller and all of their crazy friends, writing run-on sentences about prostitutes and Freud. But since I didn’t, I guess visiting this place is kind of the next best thing. from Yelp


Film night in June