A Sneak Peak of What We Have Planned for 2017!

We don’t want to rush things — especially since we’re still very much in 2016, a most magnificent year here at the Library.
That said, we’re antsy people by nature, and we’re very excited to pass along some teasers around what’s in store for 2017. Check it out!
* The return of the Big Sur International Short Film Screening Series!!  After a one-year hiatus that coincided with its 10-year anniversary, the greatest short film festival in the world returns, Douglas MacArthur-esque, next June! (Now accepting submissions, by the way!)
* Big Sur Stories: Phase Two!!  This past year, with the help of a grant from Cal Humanities, we launched Big Sur Stories, an online audio archive of stories told by folks who call Big Sur home! Check it out here.
We have big plans to expand this project in 2017 by, among other things, incorporating stories from artists, musicians, and writers who have found inspiration here in Big Sur.  We’ve very excited about what’s next and can’t wait to keep you posted of our progress!
* The Archives!  We’re blessed with perhaps the most impressive Miller archives in the world — and we have big plans. They include fully catalog and digitizing our holdings, building a climate-controlled, fire- and earthquake-proof storage space here at the Library, and much more.


* The Jeff Norman Bookshelf!  Once our renovations are complete, we’ll install a bookshelf in honor of the late Jeff Norman (left), collecting material exploring cultural, natural, and ecological history of Big Sur.*
* Chatting with hundreds visitors from around the world who are content to simply sit on our deck and stare at the trees.
* Workshops, concerts, and much more!

* A few secrets. Secrets being secret, they must stay secrets for now.  (But not for long!)