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Below are some samples.

04.01.20 Stefan White / Son of the Founder of the Henry Miller Library, Emil White.
03.08.16 Usner Don / Biologist, photographer, author of The Natural History of Big Sur.
11.24.16 Tim Green / Big Sur resident, officer of the Big Sur LCP Defense Committee.
Arthur Hoyle, author of The Unknown Henry Miller: A Seeker in Big Sur
Myra Goodman, author of Quest for Eternal Sunshine
02.03.16 Zad and Laela Leavy / Instrumental in creating the Big Sur Land Trust
March 2018, Weston Call / Big Sur resident and activist
March 2018, Mole, Richard / Surfer, Waiter at Ventana Ret.
11.25.15 Hudson, Jo / Big Sur sculptor, builder, sailor.
11.26.19 Otter, Lee / California Coastal Commissioner, Ret.
Readdie, Mark / Manager of the Big Creek Reserve.
Windwalker, Tiger / Poet and builder
Gilbey, Terence / Former manager at Esalen
Pinney, Frank / Fire Chief, Ret.
10/14/19 Brennan, Ian / Music producer and author
09/18/19 Price, David / Musician, actor, ex. manager at Esalen, son of Dick Price
Goldeen, Sam / Big Sur resident accountant
Shillinglaw, Susan / Author
Kronlund, Butch / ED Community Association of Big Sur (CABS)
Tree, Isabella / Author of Wilding
Sanborn, Ray / Big Sur resident/Owner Ripplewood
Beck, Steve / Big Sur resident/Esalen gardener
Adams, Mary / 5th District Supervisor
Toren, Mary Lu / Big Sur resident