Redwood Auction, Sunday, October 6 (new date), 2019

The final twelve of the legendary and unique slabs up for auction!

Photos will be published here soon. This is the last chance to get yours! Stay tuned.

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Years before Europeans first stepped foot in California….

Decades before Martin Luther challenged the foundation of the Western religious tradition…

A century before Galileo claimed that the earth revolved around the sun….

…a 230 foot old-growth coast redwood tree stood in what is now Big Sur, California, approximately 36.2703° N, 121.8064° W.

And there it stood for over 500 years.  From 1981 onwards it hovered mere feet from the non-profit art space,
Henry Miller Memorial Library, and in the subsequent 31 years it bore witness to countless community gatherings, outdoor performances, movie screenings, weddings and so much more.

Until December 2, 2012.

It fell. 

Slowly, glacially, but not without a fight, defiantly taking down a power pole, telephone lines and other trees with it.

The tree was no more.

The Tree, December 2, 2012, about
four hours after the fall.

Upon examining the wood we were amazed at what we found: Some of the most beautiful redwood any of us had ever seen. Perfect for dining and conference room tables, counters, head boards, bar tops, doors, etc..

According to the National Park Service, “96 percent of the original old-growth coast redwoods have been logged.”  So when a tree of this stature falls, and when it’s discovered to be comprised of this remarkably beautiful redwood, it is nothing short of a miracle.

Now the Henry Miller Memorial Library is selling 12 completely seasoned slabs.

You will be unable to find old-growth redwood of such quality and consistency, nor from such a hallowed and historic location.